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Hazelnut Mocha

My wife and I enjoyed our delicious lattes so much on our first visit here recently that we decided to make the drive from Solana Beach yesterday to have lunch here again. And as luck would have it the super talented barista Joy was running the show. We ordered a Hazelnut Mocha, a Caramel Macchiato and a Bufalino Panini to share. The thing we love about Joy is that she is a coffee scientist with an espresso machine, no rush job and out the door here. Those coffee drinks hit our table when Joy has them looking and tasting perfect ! In fact my Caramel Macchiato tasted so good that I kept drinking it and forgot to take a photo.


My wife was in coffee heaven with her beautiful Hazelnut Mocha. Our Bufalino Panini arrived at virtually the same time as our coffees. It looked superb and tasted as fresh & delicious as you can imagine. When it is a beautifully designed coffee shop, when the barista is someone as friendly and talented as Joy and when the food is as good as here, this is where we want to be !

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550 Grand Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92008


(760) 637 5077

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Michael Burke

Michael Burke

I'm an expat Aussie ( now a naturalized American citizen ) who moved to Southern California in 2006 with my American born wife Sherri. I like to write reviews about the most memorable restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, brew pubs and anything new that we find in our travels. I particularly look for excellent food & beverage consistency, good value for money plus friendly service.
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