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When my wife and I visit Carlsbad on the coast this is the only place we buy coffees…and usually lunch. We rode our eBikes 15 miles from Solana Beach on Sunday and decided that lunch would be here. This has been our favorite cafe in Carlsbad for a couple of years now since I discovered it online. The charismatic Italian owner Gaetano Ciccioti has created a beautiful relaxing space and makes certain his baristas are highly skilled. As well as that the delicious panini sandwiches are well made with quality ingredients. After dismounting our bikes we decided to have lunch on the patio as it was a lovely sunny day. A sweet young lady named Cat took our lunch order for 2 x Cortados (mini lattes) and a Bufalino Panini to share.

The Cortados were ready to pick up in a few minutes and the Bufalino Panini on 2 plates was delivered to our table on the sidewalk by Cat herself. Our creamy Cortados tasted very rich and satisfying. The well presented Bufalino Panini we shared was more than adequate for lunch…excellent value for $9 and tasted very good. There are more than a few coffee shops / cafes in Carlsbad which serve coffee and some food but we think this Italian cafe is the best !

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550 Grand Ave. Carlsbad, CA 92008


(760) 637 5077

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Michael Burke

Michael Burke

I'm an expat Aussie ( now a naturalized American citizen ) who moved to Southern California in 2006 with my American born wife Sherri. I like to write reviews about the most memorable restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, brew pubs and anything new that we find in our travels. I particularly look for excellent food & beverage consistency, good value for money plus friendly service.
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