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My meal

My wife and I needed a break from the Black Friday mayhem in the mall so we decided it was time to have lunch here. A lovely young lady named Mo greeted us at the front desk and then showed us to a table for 2 in the center of the restaurant. The place was quite busy which is always a good indicator as to the quality of the food. A tall server named Ryan brought us glasses of cold water while we studied the food & beverage menus.

Sherri's meal

I asked for a Modern Times Space Ways Hazy IPA which was listed on the wall menu but not on the printed table beverage menu. Ryan told me he didn’t believe that the beer was available but to his credit he checked further and it was . . so that’s what he brought me in a chilled tall glass. My wife decided on a Napa Chicken Sandwich & Fries while I liked the sound of the Pork Kimchi Burger but I discarded the fries for the Starter Salad for 2 bucks extra.


In the meantime I ran into lovely server Stephanie who was so friendly to me a couple of days ago when I first checked this place out. Our meals arrived in next to no time and looked quite appetizing. My Pork Kimchi Burger tasted juicy & succulent…cooked perfectly. The bun was soft, fresh and didn’t fall apart while I was eating it. I’m not much of a salad fan but my Starter Salad consisted of mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, red onions, sun-dried cranberries, crumbled blue cheese and the lemon vinaigrette on the side which added a zest . . tasted really good ! My wife thought the chicken on her sandwich was super tender & tasted very good. The place was getting packed out as we sat there.


Ryan checked on us every now & then to make sure we were enjoying our meals and had everything we needed. He didn’t keep pushing me for another beer like some eateries do. Gina the restaurant GM stopped at our table to ask if we enjoyed our meals and we told her our meals were outstanding. This restaurant is a cut above the everyday bar / burger joints out there because the food / beverage menu is quite sophisticated, our meals exceeded our expectations, the service was outstanding, the nice open indoor / outdoor vibe didn’t make us feel cramped in + the chill out background music wasn’t boring. Put this fabulous eatery on your bucket list !

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4353 La Jolla Village Dr. San Diego, CA 92122


(858) 210 3444

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