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Wood - fired oven

My wife and I were staying at an airbnb in Buckman while on vacation in Portland for 3 days. My wife’s son who lives in Oregon highly recommended this cafe / bakery so we decided to give it a go on Saturday morning. We rolled up about 9am and parked out the front. The place opens at 8am and there was a trickle of customers here already. We weren’t sure what to expect and when we walked in we could see a huge glowing wood fired pizza oven near the rear of the bakery.

Our lattes

We lined up at the service counter to place our order and couldn’t help ogling the incredible array of scrumptious looking pastries for sale. A charming young lady named Grace took our order for 2 lattes with 2% milk and 2 serves of The Little Beirut with the Bacon add on. Devaki the friendly barista proceeded to make our coffees and we wandered off to find a table. At some point we understood that our breakfast dishes were being cooked in the wood fired oven.

The Little Beirut.

I collected our lattes from the counter and we sat at our table waiting for our meals. After not too long a server named Piper delivered our breakfast dishes to our table. Even the Corn Durum bread used for our toast had been baked in the wood fired oven. There is a certain very appealing flavor & texture that comes to food cooked in a wood fired oven . . and we love it ! Our lattes tasted very rich & satisfying just the way we need the first thing in the morning.


Our bacon, eggs & toast were full of flavor & delight . . so different in texture to what we would be our regular bacon, eggs & toast back home in California. I had a chat with the owner Katia who was working so hard cooking all the orders in the glowing wood fired oven. Katia explained that all the baked breads are sold beforehand per subscription so no waste and in the evening Handsome Pizza takes over the place knocking out great pizzas in the wood fired oven. What a business model ! We were very impressed with our meals, our coffees, the very efficient service and the warm coziness of the bakery. Honest to goodness quality eateries like this are so hard to find !

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1603 NE Killingsworth St. Portland, OR 97211 Vernon, Northeast Portland


(503) 247 7499

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