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Bahn Mi

My wife and I quite enjoyed our lunch at this unique diner a few months ago. We thought it was time to ride our bikes that much further Highway 101 last Sunday so we could have lunch here again. Doug in the kitchen HQ gave us a friendly hello and we placed our order for a Pig N Cheese and a Banh Mi with Kahlua Pulled Pork. We found a nice spot at a table in the backyard near the Koi pond and the big TV. It’s fun to watch all the regulars come in for their lunch.

Pig N Cheese

We poured ourselves some cold tea from the dispensers and sat down at our shaded table. Soon after Trevor delivered our meals to our table. Of course we had a bit of a chat with Trevor as he is such an engaging young man. Everything tasted awesome as usual. Gee Chef Doug is a whiz in that kitchen knocking out great food with personality. This is such a fun place with a really relaxing vibe and a short walk to the beach. Put this special eatery on your bucket list !

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1114 N Coast Hwy. 101 Encinitas, CA 92024.


(760) 613 4564

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Michael Burke

Michael Burke

I'm an expat Aussie ( now a naturalized American citizen ) who moved to Southern California in 2006 with my American born wife Sherri. I like to write reviews about the most memorable restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, brew pubs and anything new that we find in our travels. I particularly look for excellent food & beverage consistency, good value for money plus friendly service.
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