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My wife and I spent New Year’s Day at a nearby Brentwood overnight hotel. We were up early planning where we could get breakfast and great coffees. We ended up with a list of 4 options and so we headed out the door about 8.30am. We drew a blank on the first 3 places we walked into either because they didn’t look the goods or in the case of the last two we were totally ignored when we stood near the counter waiting for service.

My breakfast

So the 4th option was looking good as we prepared to cross the busy San Vicente Blvd right in front of a huge place we had crossed off our list because we thought it was a pub. I turned around and walked through the double door entry of The Larder at Tavern. I was immediately greeted with a wonderful friendly smile from a guy behind the service counter. I could see on the wall shelf behind the counter a large selection of fresh artisan breads.

Bubby's breakfast

I asked the guy his name and do they bake their own bread ? He replied his name is Kai and yes the bread is baked in-house. I asked him do they make lattes ? Sure thing came the reply. What about breakfast ? We have a full breakfast menu came the response. I leaned over the counter a bit and spotted a beautiful big espresso machine. Who’s coffee beans do you use ? Kai came back with the name of a noble brand straight away.


Thanks Kai I said and shot out the door to stop my wife from crossing the street to our 4th option. We both came in and ordered 2 hot lattes up front and then grabbed a menu to take to a table. It was beautifully warm and cosy inside, our kind of place. A lovely server named Mel came by to take our breakfast order and soon after our 2 lattes made by barista Marce came to our table. This place was turning out to be a great find. Our lattes tasted rich and creamy, just what we wanted. One of the chefs brought out our breakfast dishes in a few short minutes. Man alive did our meals look appetizing ! We enjoyed our wholesome breakfast dishes very much !


We could see there was also a huge bar and dining room attached plus what looked to be another very large outdoor courtyard. There were some real serious dining temptations going on here. After further investigation we discovered the whole shebang is owned by a renowned James Beard Award winning female chef & a famous James Beard Award winning female restaurateur. If that isn’t well credentialed I don’t know what is ! No wonder our food tasted so bloody good ! It was so cosy and the staff were so sweet to us that we didn’t want to leave. In fact I wanted to return for lunch later but our plans for the rest of the day were at The Getty Villa in Malibu.

Artisan bread

However before we left we had to buy a bunch of their home-made cookies, 2 Snickerdoodles, 2 Chocolate Chunks, 2 Walnut Shortbread, 2 Nutter Butters and a Blueberry Boule ( Blueberry Walnut artisan bread ) for later on. We had a chat with one of the managers named Matthew who came out to the service counter and shared a few morsels about The Tavern. We thanked all the friendly staff Kai, Marce & Mel for their wonderful service ! Oh and all the fab cookies & fresh Blueberry Boule we took with us to our brother-in-law’s place and shared with family. They all tasted so good ! Put this classy eatery on your list right now !

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11648 San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90049 Brentwood


(310) 806 6464

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Michael Burke

Michael Burke

I'm an expat Aussie ( now a naturalized American citizen ) who moved to Southern California in 2006 with my American born wife Sherri. I like to write reviews about the most memorable restaurants, coffee shops, cafes, brew pubs and anything new that we find in our travels. I particularly look for excellent food & beverage consistency, good value for money plus friendly service.
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