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My wife and I were vacationing for 3 days with her son & his girlfriend at their house in the lovely town of Corvallis, Oregon. My wife’s son knew we have to start our day with a good latte and recommended this coffee shop inside a garden center only a short walk from their house. We rugged up as the temp was in the mid 40’s and walked in here just before 8am. Oh so cosy and warm the second we entered to be greeted by Joe and Courtney inside.

Lattes and pastries

Beautiful flowers and plants everywhere with lots of tables & chairs spread around. We ordered 2 x 12 oz lattes with 2% milk + Monin Hazelnut Syrup. Joe the barista did a fabulous job as our coffees tasted very creamy and satisfying. Not much food here . . . just a few light pastries in a glass case though they looked quite nice. I’m certain if they sold some savory pies or something that didn’t need to be cooked it would go over well with the locals. My wife’s son & girlfriend joined us while we were still working on our lattes in their pretty bird mugs. We had a wonderful chat with Joe who is an absolute super nice fellow. The beautiful flowers in the nursery look positively bursting with life and color. They must love it here too.


It was so good we headed down here early every morning for 3 days. On our final morning Rebecka the barista made us 2 beautiful lattes and we tried a couple of pastries. I had an Apple Danish and my wife had a Pecan Sticky Bun. The pastries came from New Morning Bakery and tasted fresh & yummy. We said hi to Ann the manager and Susan Schmidt the owner came by and sat with us to have a chat. This is a very relaxing place to have a well made coffee and light snack. We loved the experience !

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1299 NW 29th St. Corvallis, OR 97330


(541) 257 5523

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Michael Burke

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