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My wife and I drove to Julian recently to see our good friend Billy Desmond headline with his band Billy D & The Hoodoos at the Julian Blues Bash. We were camped for the weekend at a real cute place just outside town called Butterfield Bed & Breakfast but we still needed to find decent places to have dinner at least. I looked up all the good local eateries on review sites to see what I could find. My criteria was wood fired pizza, great desserts, decent craft beer & maybe some live music.

Live music

Wynola Pizza & Bistro ticked all my boxes so we had dinner there both nights we were in town. It was a little bit of a drive out to the restaurant from our B&B but the reviews were too good to ignore. When we walked in around 6.30pm on Friday evening a singing duo were setting up their gear and there were quite a few diners in attendance. We found a table in the middle of the outdoor courtyard and soon after a friendly server named Rowlynda introduced herself.

Artichoke Dip

I ordered an IPA beer while we checked out the dinner menu. We decided on the Fire – Roasted Artichoke Dip, a Dinner Salad and a Joe’s Godfather Pizza. For dessert we wanted the Mud Pie . . Butter Pecan, Chocolate & Coffee Ice Cream Cake but our server Rowlynda told us they had run out. We were more than a little disappointed that they could have run out by 6.30pm on a Friday. We chose the Chocolate Torte with Hazelnut Crust which turned out to be pretty good anyway.

Our pizza

The Fire – Roasted Artichoke Dip tasted sensational and our Wood – Fired thin crust pizza tasted fabulous though it certainly had a very thin base. In the meantime I was knocking back Alpine Duet IPA’s while we were catching the country music duo Sara Petite & Steve Peavey do their stuff. Not quite our thing but a lot of the diners were enjoying them. We had a very laid back enjoyable evening but figured we would try somewhere else closer to town the next night.


After reading more reviews and deciding we felt like good quality pasta we came back again on Saturday evening. We found a table inside the bar / dining area because it was much warmer than outside in the courtyard when we walked in around 5.30pm on a chilly evening. A musician named Robin Henkel was setting up his gear to play a few songs right in front of us. Funny enough we had run into him in the carpark when we arrived and introduced ourselves.


This time Rowlynda helped us select the wood – fired Lasagna which came with a small Dinner Salad and Garlic Bread. I ordered a Stone Delicious IPA this time and we passed on the dessert. Robin Henkel commenced playing his set of eclectic country / blues while we enjoyed dinner. Our huge serves of the wood – fired Lasagne tasted incredible . . so rich and flavorsome ! Overall we were very happy with our meals, drinks and the good service. We thought this eatery was pretty darn good !

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4355 Hwy 78 Santa Ysabel, CA 92070


(760) 765 1004

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