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My wife and I found out that the delicious bread which a local coffee shop used to make their paninis is in fact baked by Prager Brothers. We had to have some of our own so I made the trip from Solana Beach today to Carlsbad and picked up some bread. There was a steady stream of customers coming and going when I arrived. The beautiful aroma of fresh bread greeted me at the door. I bought a focaccia flatbread, a country sourdough, a multigrain and some nice looking cookies.


They look like 1 lb loaves which is fine but you will need to slice them yourself back at home. Lillian was very friendly & knowledgeable and even one of the brothers came out front for a bit. I have not tasted top quality bread this fresh in a long time……..very fresh at 1.30pm. This is a fantastic bakery making bread of the highest quality with some unique recipes. We have returned many times and tried virtually everything they produce and it always tastes great !

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5611 Palmer Way Ste C Carlsbad, CA 92010


(760) 703 1904

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Michael Burke

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