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My wife and I drove the 10 minutes from home today to have lunch here and maybe pick up some real tasty bangers ( sausages ). We strolled in the front door about 1pm and had a look at the meat section . . amazing meats of every description plus some high quality looking bangers. We had a chat with Jeff behind the counter . . he said he is the FISH GUY but he was still very helpful & friendly. Jeff assured us the house sandwiches were top notch so we decided to order one each.

My sandwich

We lined up at the service counter to place our order. My wife selected the Turkey / Bacon / Avo . . a cold sandwich and I decided on a hot one . . House Steak Tip Sandwich which came with Fries. They have good craft beer on tap but it was a bit early for me so I grabbed a Grass Fed Cold Brew Butter Coffee . . gee that sounds great but I have never had one before so we’ll see. The young cashier gave us a table number after we paid and we grabbed a table beside the window.

My wife's sandwich

My wife was kind enough to go the counter and ask for a glass with ice for my cold brew. Pretty soon a female server brought out our lunch order and my word did things look great ! They made my wife’s sandwich on a Prager Brothers Ciabatta . . we think Prager Brothers Artisan Breads is a very good San Diego bread bakery. My wife loved her sandwich and filling but particularly the bacon. My hot sandwich was a humdinger . . it tasted just like a hot Italian Deli sandwich should taste . . mouth watering !

Cold brew

Of course my sandwich came with a big serve of hand cut Fries and my wife had already snaffled a few while I was working on my sandwich. The female server came over and asked if we needed anything else . . maybe a sauce or Ranch Dressing . . I said yes to the Ranch. The large hand cut Fries were perfect for dipping in the Ranch Dressing. What a feed ! Did I mention my cold brew . . poured into the huge glass full of crushed ice tasted really good . . perfectly sweetened and not too strong. The best tasting cold brew I have tried for sure. We were sitting at the very large round table at the side of the entrance with the huge The Butchery logo up on the wall above.

Big table

A guy named Robert ( the name on his shirt ) came over and asked us how things were and we told him we were very happy with our lunch order and the friendly service. Turns out Robert is the co-owner of The Butchery Quality Meats stores. We had a real interesting chat with Robert who told us this brand new location was the first with a kitchen to prepare food. A real nice switched on dude so this place is in good hands. We went back to the counter and bought 4 Italian Goat Cheese Sausages, some Salmon Creek Slab Bacon ( the tasty bacon on my wife’s sandwich ) and some Mamma Emma Gnocchi. The choice of top quality meats, the charcuterie and the hand picked wine & craft beer selection here is second to none !

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3720 Caminito Ct. Ste 200 San Diego, CA 92130 Carmel Valley


(858) 345 1524

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