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Who doesn’t love a delicious cappuccino and a fabulous fresh made breakfast first thing in the morning ? Particularly when it’s full table service at a top coffee roasting cafe near home. My wife and I decided it was time to hit this fairly new location for brekkie on Saturday morning. We parked in the nearby public parking lot and arrived here around 7.45am. The moment we walked inside we got a friendly good morning from barista Seth who asked us were we dining in or taking out ?

My Cappuccino.

VERY EARLY ! We were able to sit anywhere we wanted. AND WE DID ! The second we sat down we got a big good morning from Nick the manager who was chatting with his head chef in the back corner. Nick also mentioned that our 12 oz bag of Bluestone Lane Maverick whole roasted coffee beans ( I ordered this online on Thursday ) was waiting on the counter for us. IT’S ALL GOOD ! Before we knew it Monsie our server was ready to take our breakfast order.

My wife’s brekkie.

Keep in mind you can also place your order and pay via the brilliant Bluestone Lane app. First up we ordered 2 x 12 oz CAPPUCCINOS with 2% milk. I wanted the BL BIG BREKKIE ( avocado smash on toasted multigrain served with 2 poached eggs, smoked bacon, roasted tomatoes, field mushrooms & baby kale ) . . must be hard poached eggs I told Monsie ! My wife was happy to order a SIDE OF BACON, SIDE OF SCRAMBLED EGGS and SIDE OF TOAST ( thick cut multigrain & butter ).

My wife’s cappuccino.

THERE’S MORE ! I also asked for a COLD PRESSED ORANGE JUICE. ( I ended up with something called TORQUAY JUICE ( made with finest pineapple, carrot orange, ginger root and turmeric ). In the meantime Monsie returned with 2 glasses and a filled carafe of cool water plus our pre-ordered 12 oz bag of Maverick whole roasted coffee beans. And offered to grind the beans. NICE ! Our amazing looking Cappuccinos dusted with cocoa powder arrived one by one courtesy of our server Monsie. And they tasted brilliant . . we thanked barista Seth for his fine work. WHOO HOO ! And then Monsie brought our breakout dishes out together. Followed by a glass for my Torquay Juice. AS GOOD AS IT GETS !

My BL Big Brekkie.

My BL Big Brekkie tasted fabulous . . perfect hard poached eggs, scrumptious smoked bacon and amazing mushrooms, tomatoes and kale. My wife was over the moon about her simple choice of Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Multigrain Toast. BEST BREKKIE ! We haven’t enjoyed a breakfast this good since our multiple visits to Bluestone Lane Upper West Side Cafe in Manhattan, New York back in 2021. WOW ! And my Torquay Juice tasted really good . . pretty different to regular orange juice. I loved the zing of the ginger ! In fact I would try it again. It was super special to start our day off with a fabulous breakfast and amazing service right here. HARD TO BEAT !

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114 N Olive st. Orange, CA 92866


(718) 374-6858

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