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My wife and I were on a one week adventure in Oregon not long ago which included driving down the beautiful coast as far as Newport after flying in to Portland. We jumped in our rental car and headed straight for the coast. It was Wednesday afternoon and we had been on the road for a couple of hours without our regular morning lattes. I looked up coffee shops & cafes ahead of us and the Sea Level Bakery + Coffee came up with great ratings.


We drove into Cannon Beach which looked like a popular holiday retreat. The bakery is inside a cute little house with a ton of charm. There were a number of people waiting to be served when we walked inside so we joined the line to place our order. We could see they had a very nice selection of fresh looking pastries and cookies in a glass display cabinet. We ordered 2 hot Lattes, a Blueberry Rosemary Scone and a Chocolate Chip Cookie.

Lattes and pastries

Nathanael the barista did a great job as our creamy Lattes looked fabulous. We sat at a cosy table inside with our delicious lattes & munchies while soaking up the friendly vibe. Heaps of tourists were coming and going to buy coffee & food as we sat there. My wife had earlier looked up a local tourist attraction called Haystack Rock so we took a short walk down to the end of the street to look at the ocean. The pristine beach looked beautiful and there it was . . a towering monolith a few hundred feet off shore. My wife took a heap of photos and we headed back to our car parked outside Sea Level Bakery + Coffee. This is a great place to stop for a restful coffee break and some pretty scenery !

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3116 S Hemlock St. Cannon Beach, OR 97110


(503) 436 4254

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Michael Burke

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