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My wife and I were on a one week road trip in beautiful Oregon not long ago. After driving from Portland airport to the coast we worked our way down to tranquil Newport where we stayed overnight. Next morning we took off on our way inland to Eugene to spend a few days with family. We were in no hurry so we stopped along the way to look at points of interest. We decided to stop for lunch in the town of Florence at this coffee shop called River Roasters.


After parking our car on the street we walked in and what a pleasant surprise ! The coffee / gift shop had a wide view of a river and a majestic bridge. We stood around for a minute or two looking at the impressive drinks menu board above the service counter. There wasn’t a bunch of food in sight that suited our taste apart from some Mini – Quiches. We ordered a Snickers Latte for my wife, a Latte with Hazelnut Syrup for myself and 2 Mini – Quiches.


My wife went to look for a table while I hung around waiting for our lunch order. There was a large timber deck outside in the sunshine with a direct view of the pretty river and the elegant bridge. It was a very popular spot and there was no room for us . . darn ! We sat at an indoor table to enjoy our lunch. My wife loved her unique Snickers Latte and my regular Latte tasted fine. The Mini – Quiches were okay for a light meal. We could see by the steady stream of customers that this was a very popular local coffee haunt / hangout. There were 2 people playing chess and another table where a group of folks were playing bridge. Wow . . that’s what community is all about ! There was hardly a laptop or tablet in sight.


The store decor was very whimsical with lounge chairs, long sofas, a fireplace plus lots of quirky ornaments & knick knacks scattered here and there. A wall down one side was devoted to an eclectic selection of mostly touristy gift ideas. Oh and it is the beautiful Siuslaw River and the ageless Siuslsaw River Bridge out the back. We quite enjoyed our stopover at this fun & funky coffee shop and the road trip to get here !

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1240 Bay St. Florence, OR 97439


(541) 997 3443

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