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On Sunday during our bike ride we stopped by here ( 5 minutes from home ) so I could make a reservation for dinner ( inside table ) at 5.30pm on Tuesday . . my wife’s birthday. The month of April has always been my wife’s BIRTHDAY MONTH by my decree . . I like to make it fun and special for my wife. We arrived on time and Sophie the lovely hostess let us have our choice of table booths to sit. We had checked out the dinner menu online at home a few minutes earlier.

I said to my wife I am trying something new and my wife decided to do the same. It’s so funny because despite the amazing menu choice here we usually stick to virtually the same ( all great ) stuff . . not this time ! And we got lucky as Gigi our amazing server from our most recent dinner here a few days ago was looking after us. First up it was a Chicken Satay Appetizer ( marinated chicken breast in mixture of herb, spices & coconut milk served with Thai peanut sauce and cucumber chutney ) . . it had been a very long time since we ordered this delicious starter. For entrees my wife chose Kow Sai Curry Noodles ( egg noodles in a spicy curry broth topped with crunchy noodles ) with Shrimp option ( SOMETHING NEW ).

I ordered Red Sea ( medley of seafood . . scallops, calamari, shrimp, clams, octopus sautéed in house chili sauce with zucchini, bell peppers & onions incl serve of Jasmine Rice ) . . which was SOMETHING NEW for me. My wife requested her meal to be low end mild spicy while I jumped off the cliff and went for number 5 spicy like last time. Gigi had brought iced waters to our table and as I had knocked back a couple of IPA’S at home earlier we didn’t need any other beverages.

Our Chicken Satay appetizer hit the table in record time and was devoured in almost record time . . so tender and flavorsome dipped in the Thai Peanut sauce. Before too long our entrees arrived . . the size of the serves here is beyond mind boggling. My wife got stuck in straight away and I could tell by her knowing smile that the “Something New” Kow Sai Curry Noodles with Shrimp had hit the satisfaction jackpot. I was offered a fat shrimp drenched in the spicy curry broth . . and darn was it good ! However I had also picked a total winner with my “Something New” Red Sea mixed seafood extravaganza. WOW and I got what I asked for too . . number 5 spicy nearly blew my head off but it was a very satisfying spicy explosion !

Gigi our attentive server checked on us every now and then to make sure we were happy. My wife gave up eating about half way through her huge serve while even though I tried very hard I still left a third of my meal and more than half of the Jasmine Rice. NOW it was my wife’s birthday which I reminded Gigi who offered my wife some complimentary Chocolate Ice Cream for dessert while I had to have the Fried Banana & Coconut Ice Cream. To our surprise Gigi arrived with a bowl of Chocolate Ice Cream drizzled with Chocolate Sauce and lit candle on top . . and sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my wife. My Fried Banana & Coconut Ice Cream took me to the top of the delight mountain. This is THE BEST THAI RESTAURANT in San Diego !














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731 S Hwy 101 Solana Beach, CA 92075


(858) 792 2427

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