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My wife and I have been to many coffee shops all over the world and I can count on one hand the ones that were amazing. Kean Coffee are at the top of the tree for great coffee, friendly staff, relaxing interior and good food. We have been to their exceptional Newport Beach coffee shop a couple of times but this was our first visit to this Tustin location. From the moment we walked in around midday on Saturday we could feel the vibe ( energy ) of a coffee shop designed to deliver a great coffee experience.

You just know it when you have been to many coffee shops . . very few have this inclusive vibe. It’s like the moment you walk in you have become part of a family. A smiling guy named Rafael behind the service counter looked after us perfectly when I ordered 2 x Lattes with 2% milk & Hazelnut syrup and 2 x Ham, Cheese & Bacon Quiches + a 12 oz bag of Kean Coffee “Kenya Nguvu” whole roasted coffee beans ( roasted only 4 days ago ). We love fresh roasted coffee beans.

I paid and we found a little table to sit at in the very packed out coffee shop. Our lattes didn’t take too long and Rafael was also the barista who made them for us. Our warmed up Quiches were ready in a few minutes and we sat at our little table and enjoyed our lunch. The Quiches tasted really good . . beautiful fluffy texture as you would expect in a good quiche. Our lattes tasted sensational with a creamy texture & rich flavor with Chocolate tones. We loved it !

Then we got lucky and met the owners of Kean Coffee . . Martin and Karen Diedrich. I have read up on Martin Diedrich previously. Martin was the founder of Diedrich Coffee many years ago . . a person I consider to be the Godfather of Coffee Roasters. Martin starting roasting coffee beans back in 1984 . . a few years before I had even tasted a latte back in Byron Bay, Australia. I had a wonderful informative chat with Martin and probably increased my knowledge about Arabica coffee beans, which ones are the best and where they are grown by 1000%. And for those of you who do not know . . Kean Coffee buy and roast only the best Arabica coffee beans on the planet. We are big fans !

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13681 Newport Ave. Ste 14, Tustin, CA 92780


714 838 5326

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