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My wife and I were in the 2nd week of our 3 week vacation in Italy and Paris. On the last day of our stay in Rome we walked from our rental apartment in Monti to the Trevi Fountain around midday . . . it took us about 20 minutes. We came across this upscale looking gelato shop with many enticing flavors . . better than we had seen at other gelato shops in Rome. I spoke with Simone the young guy behind the counter and told him we would come back for gelatos after our visit to the Trevi Fountain. AND WE DID ! After nailing a taxi at a taxi stand ( it was 86F and we weren’t gonna walk back here ) we were dropped off out front just after 2pm. BUT FIRST ! We had to get some solid food in our tummies before our gelatos.

Almond, Orange & Pistachio

We walked a short distance to Doppio Gusto to buy a couple of lunch sandwiches and then came back here. WHEW ! And it was air conditioned inside. After finishing our delicious sandwiches it was GELATO TIME ! My wife selected CREMINO DI NOCCIOLA ( Hazelnut Cremino ) straight off the bat. I sampled a couple like Mango, Cherries & Nuts Brittle before deciding on SAPORI DI SICILIA ( Almond, Orange & Pistachio ). We both asked for small chocolate dipped sugar cones. WHOO HOO ! We loved our gelato choices . . the creamiest of the creamiest and what heavenly flavors. Reasonable prices too ! Thanks to Simone for his excellent service !

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Via Nazionale, 160, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


+39 06 8953 3163

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