Buca San Petronio


Regional Charcuterie Platter.

On our first night ever in Bologna, Italy we decided to take a punt and walk to this downtown dining precinct. My wife and I left our apartment around 7.15pm knowing most of the restaurants did not open until 7.30pm. We walked around and looked at a few places but eventually came upon this very inviting restaurant which had over a 1000 good reviews on Google Maps and none on Yelp . . until now. LOOKED VERY BUSY ! I love turning up at a very busy restaurant without a reservation and scoring a table quickly. WHY ? Because I know my 5 star review will add value to any good restaurant. At around 8pm a charming blonde woman greeted us at the hostess desk and informed us they were pretty booked out.

Traditional Tortellini.

After my friendly chat with Elena the co-owner we were immediately invited to sit at a table. PRETTY SPECIAL ! We were impressed straight off with the warm friendly service. Elena brought us menus and organized glasses of water to come out. BEER ! Our male server Alessio wisely suggested a Blonde Ale from Sardinia. YES PLEASE ! My beautiful looking Blonde Ale in a magnificent tall chilled glass came out fast and tasted perfect.

Tagliatelle With Ragu.

STARTER ! Elena suggested we would love the Regional Charcuterie Platter. It came out in a few short minutes with a basket of Complimentary Dinner Rolls. Everything tasted top class and as fresh as can be. FRESH PASTA ! For our entrees my wife ordered the Tagliatelle With Ragu and I decided on the Traditional Tortellini. Elena told us that Tortellini was first invented in Bologna. JUST IN CASE ! Seriously if you are visiting Bologna and you want a GREAT DATE NIGHT . . . this place is a winner.

Bronte’s Pistachio Mascarpone.

Our entrees came out courtesy of a food runner and Alessio our server added the finishing touch with some fresh grated parmigiano. YIPPEE KI YAY ! I’m tellin’ you that our pasta dishes tasted as good as it gets . . perfect texture and amazing flavor. DESSERT ! The dessert menu featured an interesting list. My wife chose Bronte’s Pistachio Mascarpone ( topping pistachio crumble and biscuits ) while I had to have the Peach Cooked On Sangiovese Wine With Rosemary Crumble. Around this time I went for a walk and met the stylish co-owner Maurizio outside the bar who gave me his business card. Our beautifully presented desserts arrived and tasted fabulous. WHAT A GREAT INTRODUCTION TO BOLOGNA !

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Via de' Musei, 2/4, 40124 Bologna BO, Italy


+39 051 224589

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