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Full Bar at rear.

Without a doubt one of the highlights of our one week vacation in Paris. On Thurs, Oct 5th my wife and I took the Paris Metro from Rue Daguerre to the Champs-Elysees to see the Arc de Triomphe . . and do some exploring. We arrived at the right station without any problems at around 12.30pm and walked through a long tunnel before exiting at street level. WOW ! And there was the majestic Arc de Tromphe with a huge crowd of people standing in front of it.

Our fabulous lunch.

After that we walked along the beautiful Champs-Elysees looking at the fashion stores. WHAT’S THIS ! Eventually we spotted a gold Lamborghini Huracan and a red Ferrari California Turbo parked on the corner. On offer was a 20 minute joy ride in either supercar for 200 Euros. JUST DO IT ! My wife reminded me that we were on our 3 week vacation in Italy and Paris to celebrate my birthday. LUNCH FIRST ! This restaurant was pretty packed at around 1pm and looked very good. A cheerfully attired server named Nielson greeted us at the entrance and asked where we would like to sit. INSIDE ! Even though their covered sidewalk patio looked very inviting on such a lovely day we were wary of smokers.

My Clara Pizza.

Besides our table near the front entrance had a nice view of the passing action. FIRST UP ! I asked for a Cappuccino and 2 glasses of water. FAST SERVICE ! We had only just started to check out the enormous lunch menu when Nielson returned with my beautiful looking cappuccino. I loved it particularly the cocoa on top . . my most enjoyable cappuccino in Paris. FOOD ! My wife ordered a Croque-Monsieur ( toasted ham and cheese, mixed salad leaves ) and a serve of French Fries while I selected a Clara Pizza !

Moelleux Chocolat-Valrhona.

I’ve never had a French pizza so this could be fun. WHOO HOO ! Our lunch order hit the table faster than a bullet train and looked astounding. The biggest Croque-Monsieur I’ve ever seen, a gigantic serve of delectable house cut French Fries and a fully overloaded Clara Pizza. Man did my pizza look mouthsational ! My wife loved her well made Croque-Monsieur, the French fries were totally scrumptious and my delicious pizza was a total winner. Around this time I headed to the restroom downstairs.

Coupe Parisienne-Creole.

I must say it was immaculate and on the way back I met Franco the manager. DESSERT ! My wife went with the Moelleux Chocolat – Valrhona ( soft chocolate cake ) and I had to have the Coupe Parisienne – Creole ( 2 scoops of rum-raisins ice cream ). YIPPEE KI YAY ! Again everything came out fast . . our desserts look sensational. My wife loves chocolate so it was a no-brainer that she would enjoy her decadent chocolate cake. OH YEAH ! Not to be outdone my Rum Raisin Ice Cream tasted ultra delicious . . lots of rum. We loved the fabulous food, excellent drinks and friendly service. THIS PLACE IS GREAT !

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75 Av. des champs-Elysees, 75008 Paris, france


+33 1 42 25 08 64

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