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My wife and I have been here quite a few times since we discovered this iconic cafe about 10 years ago during our Sunday bike ride. We’ve been happy with the very nice cappuccinos, the fresh made sandwiches plus the friendliness of the Bassam the owner and his staff every time. I even tried a milkshake during a visit one day and it was fabulous. On occasions we’ve seen Bassam pottering around the cafe maybe tidying up things or having a friendly chat with a customer.

Grilled Turkey Sandwich

If you like being transported back in time and being surrounded by antique looking furniture, an old piano, listening to music from the 30’s and 40’s and savoring quality food and drinks whilst being treated like a valued guest then come on in. The owner Bassam certainly has done an amazing job collecting and displaying all the unique artifacts, signs, bric-a-brac and furniture pieces in every nook & cranny of the cafe. It’s like having a nice cappuccino in a time warp.


We tried the new spice cookies one day and they were full of spice and so scrumptious. If you want humdrum go somewhere else but if you want to be on the set of an Agatha Christie movie . . then come here. My wife and I enjoyed a wonderful lunch here recently with our little grand-daughter after a fun visit to nearby Balboa Park. Delicious hot lattes and superb Grilled Turkey Sandwiches for us & a delicate Grilled Cheese Sandwich for our 3 year old were just what we needed.

Excellent service from lovely Ebru and Ivana made our visit as good as can be. And the owner Bassam himself dropped by to say hi and gave our 3-year-old grand daughter a chocolate kiss in a pretty box . . how sweet was that ! If you have never been to this amazingly decorated cafe then you should make an effort . . it’s simply astounding ! And the staff, the friendly service and the excellent menu make it even better. And so close to beautiful Balboa Park. We love it !

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3088 5th Ave. Bankers Hill, San Diego, CA 92103


(619) 557 0173

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