Capital Noodle Bar


Capital Noodle Bowl.

My wife and I came here for lunch about a week ago for the first time . . . my wife found the place online. Our Dim Sum lunch was sensational so a return visit was on the cards. On a busy Saturday we finally made it here around 2.30pm . . just hate late lunches. A host / server named TJ greeted us when we entered and showed us to a low height community table. WE WERE STARVING ! My wife ordered HONG KONG STYLE CHICKEN CHOW MEIN ( Chinese broccoli, carrot, mushroom, gravy sauce, crispy egg noodle ) and a THAI ICED TEA while I went for the CAPITAL NOODLE BOWL ( Shrimp, sliced pork, fish cake, fish ball, minced pork with rice or egg noodle ) . . I chose egg noodle.

Hong Kong Style Chicken Chow Mein.

TJ was very attentive and asked if we would like some spicy dipping sauces. A food runner delivered iced waters quick as a flash. It wasn’t real busy and it wasn’t real quiet . . the late lunch gang was here ! Our meals arrived in a few short minutes . . my Capital Noodle Bowl was steaming ( watch my video ) and my wife’s huge Hong Kong Style Chicken Chow Mein looked amazing. We loved it all. WHAT A DELIGHT !

Cinnamon Chinese Donut with Vanilla Ice Cream.

My wife thinks the Thai Iced Tea here is as good as anywhere. DESSERT . . . they have only one item listed for dessert and it’s a good one ( we tried it last visit ) . . CINNAMON CHINESE DONUT WITH VANILLA ICE CREAM. We ordered it. A male food runner brought our beautifully presented dessert to our table. The donuts were decadently delicious and the vanilla ice cream was sooooo creamy. James the co-owner came over to our table for a chat and told us that another of his restaurants . . Capital Seafood Restaurant in the prestigious Irvine Spectrum Center offered a huge Dim Sum menu. We’ve been back here a couple more times since this visit . . . really great every time. HARD TO BEAT !

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3850 Barranca Pkway Suite E, Irvine, CA 92606


(949) 651-8088

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