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My wife and I headed down to North Park ( uptown ) on Saturday to have lunch here. WOW it had been too long since we enjoyed fabulous burgers, fries & beers one evening at the original location a few doors up the street on 30th St. After parking our wheels at Ace Parking on 29th St we arrived here around midday. A friendly cashier named Edgar ( also chef / food runner ) took our lunch order for 1 x Cajun Burger ( Blackened patty, sautéed onions & house made chipotle chili sauce ), 1 x serve of Sidewinders ( Potato skin meets curly fry ) and 1 x Pastrami Sandwich ( Perfectly sliced grilled pastrami sandwich, zesty mustard, sautéed onions. It was a bit early in the day for alcohol so we asked for glasses of water.

After paying we took seats at a bar height table nearby. My wife and I were reminiscing about our first and only visit to Crazee Burger yonks ago ( GOOD MEMORIES ) while we waited for our food. And within a few minutes Edgar brought out our lunch order…VERY SUBSTANTIAL LOOKING to say the least. My wife’s Pastrami Sandwich was as tall as a house and my big fat Cajun Burger laid invitingly open on a plate. We were starvin’ and this was gonna be ONE HELL OF A DELICIOUS LUNCH !

The huge serve of SIDEWINDER FRIES looked mind boggling…enormous fat curly fries with 2 dipping sauces ( Lemon & Chive Aioli plus Nacho Cheese ). My wife was over the moon with the deliciousness of her Pastrami Sandwich ( it looked like a huge burger ) while my big fat Cajun Burger was literally bursting with amazing flavor….perfect in every way. WHOO HOO….but we couldn’t keep our paws off those Sidewinders ( CURLY FRIES ) with the sensational dipping sauces.

My petite wife almost demolished her Pastrami Sandwich…it was that irresistible. I loved every single morsel of my huge Cajun Burger. It broke our hearts that we couldn’t finish off the sensational Sidewinders. In fact our lunch was so incredibly good that we were planning a return date for dinner when the place gets a bit livelier. Gary the owner showed up at the service counter and we had a real friendly chat about all the years we’ve been tagging each other on social media. And the soundtrack to our awesome lunch was good ol’ CLASSIC ROCK…..we loved it ! So yeah our lunch was like a Manny Machado HOME RUN AT PETCO PARK. This place is knocking out the BEST BURGERS in San Diego !

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3993 30th St. North Park, CA 92104


(619) 282-6044

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