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My wife and I were on our way home to Solana Beach after a 7 day vacation in Pacific Grove. After making the 2 hour drive to Paso Robles for a much needed lunch break ( and to charge up my wife’s Tesla Y ) we parked in a downtown street and walked to the cafe we had pencilled in for lunch. We decided it was not our style and moved on. It had been 10 years since we last visited here ( a visit in 2010 to the Firestone Walker Brewery and lunch at a long gone coffee shop ). We didn’t have a clue where to eat.

Covid restrictions were in place big time so everyone was dining at restaurants and bars with makeshift outdoor patios. We kept walking . . my wife was getting a bit irritated because she was hungry. Finally after a few twists and turns we came across this place . . Odyssey World Cafe. No dine-in of course but it had a long outdoor patio with umbrellas on the sidewalk. We had a peek at the menus posted on the wall near the entrance . . our kind of food. A female employee was heading back inside and stopped to address us . . if you know what you want to order come inside and I will help you. Too good an offer to pass up we thought so we headed inside to place our lunch order.

The friendly female worker turned out to be Chelsea the restaurant manager who took our lunch order for 2 x Lattes, 1 x Toasted Turkey Sandwich ( melted swiss, roasted red peppers, mayo, mild green chilies on toasted Dutch Crunch ) & 1 x slice of Seven Layer Chocolate Cake. Gee it looked good and I counted all the layers ! Chelsea brought out 2 glasses of iced water to our patio table within seconds. Next up Chelsea returned a couple of minutes later with 2 tall lattes.

Toasted Turkey Sandwich .

I asked Chelsea if she made them . . yes was her reply. And they tasted sensational and to be honest much better than we expected in a little country town. Chelsea brought out our Toasted Turkey Sandwich with an extra plate as requested. It looked fantastic so we got stuck into it right away . . top quality ingredients all the way through and the wonderful fresh baked Dutch Crunch Roll sent it into the heavens ! Wow we really kicked a goal choosing this place over the stack of eateries we walked past.

Seven Layer Chocolate Cake.

After finishing off our delicious sandwich ( it was pretty huge ) we were thinking about getting our huge slice of Seven Layer Chocolate Cake boxed for later that evening. We compromised . . I asked wonderful Chelsea to bring out the cake and a box. OMG . . did our huge slice of cake look good or what ! Well it tasted fresh, moist, rich, heavy, so chocolaty . . totally 100% decadent ! If there was an an award for a Seven Layer Chocolate Cake then this would win it hands down ! We only ate half and boxed the rest. You know . . every once in a blue moon our expectations at a restaurant are exceeded and our amazing lunch here is up there with the best. And Chelsea the incredible manager made the difference !

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1214 Pine St. Paso Robles, CA 93446


(805) 237-7516

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