Bistrot Benoit


Our double shot Cappuccinos.

My wife and I were doing a tour of the Louvre Museum on Saturday, Oct 7th . . the last day of our one week vacation in Paris. We had an 11am entry booked and despite the enormous lines we got inside pretty much on time.  After completing a tour of one totally incredible museum we realized we had a lot left to see. LUNCH BREAK ! There were a number of small cafes and counter serve eateries downstairs but we decided to enjoy a nice quiet lunch inside the Bistrot Benoit restaurant but weren’t sure how to find it. When we approached 3 attendants of  the Louvre Museum on an upper level for directions one of them . . a sharp dresser named Hery offered to personally escort us to the restaurant.

Roasted Label Rouge poultry leg, little peas

We arrived just before 1pm and the place was pretty empty. VERY PRETTY ! A sweet server named Hansi offered us a table in the center of the restaurant which featured dazzling decor. FIRST UP ! We asked for waters and 2 x double shot Cappuccinos while we studied the lunch menu. A few people were trickling in while we enjoyed our very invigorating cappuccinos. Believe me we needed them after battling through the huge crowds in the museum we had visited on arrival. It was great to be sitting down in a quiet unhurried space. My wife ordered the Roasted Label Rouge poultry leg, little peas while I chose the Beef tab, candied shallots and baby potatoes off the surprisingly small main course selection.

Baby Potatoes.

More and more people were streaming into the restaurant by the minute . . it must be good ! Our lovely looking lunch order arrived in fast time and I have to admit my wife’s huge chicken dish in a cast iron baking dish looked a winner. My medium rare steak and baby potatoes tasted quite good . . the baby potatoes were exceptionally delicious. My wife was as happy as a pea in a pod gorging on her tender juicy chicken leg and thigh . . . and lots of yummy green peas.

Chocolate Tartlet.

We had a lovely conversation with a couple at the adjacent table . . Jason and Jessica from Manchester, England. I felt like some dessert and asked for the Chocolate tartlet which hit the table in short time. VERY SIMPLE ! It was a nice finish to a very enjoyable lunch which was a good break from the hordes outside. We had a lovely chat with Carla the fabulous manager and thanked Hansi for her wonderful service. Then we headed off to see the 2 museums left on our guide map. WHAT A GREAT RETREAT !

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Hall Napoleon Pyramide du Louvre, 75001 Paris, France

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