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When you have found the best coffee in town you look no further ! My wife and I were up in Santa Barbara for a few days to celebrate her birthday. And we were having a great time dining at some fine eateries. WHAT ! But we are coffee people . . and we want the best. After fabulous lattes here on Saturday morning this was our NUMBER ONE SPOT for brekkie on Sunday morning before we headed home to Irvine. We pulled into their parking lot around 7.45am . . plenty of spots at that early hour.

My Latte and 2 x Ham & Gruyere Croissants

A smiling cashier named Camilo took our order for 2 x 12oz double shot LATTES with 2% milk, 2 x HAM & GRUYERE CROISSANTS and 1 x ALMOND CROISSANT. We were dining in of course ! This place has a laid back chill out vibe and a few coffee lovers were already here enjoying their well made brews. Our Lattes in lovely porcelain cups were ready pretty fast . . I picked them up at the espresso counter making sure to thank Drue the talented barista for her dazzling work. Our Croissants were being heated up a tad and within a couple of minutes we had them in front of us. Yet again we chose to sit at the community countertop overlooking their outdoor patio . . . people watching !

My wife’s Latte and Almond Croissant.

To say our lattes tasted very good would be an understatement . . they blew our tastebuds into the stratosphere. I said to my wife we are not leaving without a bag of ZIP ZINGER whole roasted coffee beans . . their in house coffee. Now I’m not a big croissant fan especially for breakfast but hey . . my Ham & Gruyere Croissant tasted darn good. Of course my wife agreed ! Then my wife tried the Almond Croissant . . flavor heaven I was told. Of course we were mainly here for great coffees and I was really enjoying mine. YIPPEE ! A quick trip to Camilo the cashier and I had a bag of Zip Zinger whole roasted coffee beans in my hands. ALL COFFEE ROASTERS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL !

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528 Anacapa St. Santa Barbara, CA 93101


(805) 962-7733

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