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Great tasting food doesn’t need an ocean view or a swank interior to make it great. Of course ocean views and beautiful decor might enhance your dining experience. When I review a place I rate ambiance last . . it’s all about the food quality and great service in my books. Having said that this Chinese eatery doesn’t have much going for it in the ambiance, decor or view dept being situated in the foyer of a repurposed movie theater but it does serve fabulous cuisine and provide amazing service.

In fact it was almost by chance that we had lunch here for the first time about a month ago. Little did I know that my wife’s fav Asian ingredients stop was the Vinh-Hung Supermarket right next door in the same old building. After buying a stack of Asian food items we decided to have lunch here. We were totally overwhelmed with the delicious food and top service. On Sunday my wife and I were over this way checking out some real estate and the plan was to have lunch here for the 3rd time. After parking our wheels in a shady spot around the back of the building we walked inside at 1pm. It wasn’t real busy and Joe the manager said hi straight away. We sat at a table and Joe brought us menus, iced waters and a pot of tea.

My wife knew exactly what she was going to order and I had a fair idea what I wanted to try. On our first lunch visit my wife ordered the Honey Walnut Shrimp . . and loved it while I was over the moon with the Kung Pao Spicy Beef. On our 2nd lunch visit we went with Dim Sum small plates . . so delicious. So this time my wife ordered HONEY WALNUT SHRIMP and I chose KUNG PAO ( Spicy ) SHRIMP. Keeping in mind that we walked in at 1pm our meals hit our table at 1.10pm courtesy of a female food runner. Now at $20 for my Kung Pao Shrimp and $22 for my wife’s Honey Walnut Shrimp one would expect very good quality or giant serves. I swear the mountain of Honey Walnut Shrimp on my wife’s plate was 9 inches high.

And my Kung Pao Shrimp completely covered the plate . . and we also had 2 bowls of White Rice. I love bell peppers & onions and these were top quality fresh juicy crisp bell peppers & delicate tasty onions . . perfectly cooked. My wife was in raptures enjoying her amazing meal . . it doesn’t get any better. My Kung Pao Shrimp had lots of hot chilis and the huge shrimp ( I counted 20 shrimp ) were totally succulent. MOST DEFINITELY ONE OF OUR BEST LUNCHES EVER !














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10550 Camino Ruiz, San Diego, CA 92126


(858) 408-4888

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