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seafood marinara

We had a wonderful time here recently while celebrating my lovely wife’s birthday. It was great to walk in around 5.30pm and be greeted by the staff who remembered us from our previous visits. That’s why it feels like home when we dine here. Sweet Nadine greeted us at the front entrance and showed us to a nice table towards the rear of the restaurant. As we walked to our table Jacob the bar manager waved hi from behind the bar so I quickly checked what new craft beers he had on tap.


Soon after we got comfortable in our seats our favorite server Waz came by to say hi and take our drinks order. I went with a Modern Times Blazing World which is virtually an IPA but not and tall glasses of cold water of course. My wife is not a big appetizer fan but I was a bit peckish so I ordered some Steamed Mussels to kick the night off. For entrees my wife always loves the Ragu while this time I chose the Seafood Marinara.


I love their thin crust pizzas so that was a real tough decision. My wife pinched some of the garlic toast on top of my Steamed Mussels while I devoured every single mussel in the bowl. At the perfect moment our entrees arrived and they both looked el perfecto! My Seafood Marinara tasted incredible while my wife was simply devouring her delicious Ragu. Of course we can’t celebrate my wife’s birthday without a special dessert and Waz came to the rescue with an Affogato topped with a lighted candle. We shared of course and it tasted fabulous ! Alonso the General Manager of Isola Pizza Bar restaurants stopped by to have a chat with us. He’s such a great guy. We had a perfect evening here !

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7734 Girard Ave. La Jolla, CA 92037.


(858) 412 5566

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Michael Burke

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  1. Eriko

    Very nice review! I’ll have to look this place up next time I’m in LJ

    1. Michael Burke

      Thanks Eriko. I really appreciate your patronage!


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