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My wife and I flew in from California 2 days ago for some work related stuff in Birmingham. This Southern Style organic eatery was recommended to us by the owner of a nice coffee shop not far away. To be honest we would’ve happily waited to enjoy lattes here if their website had mentioned they had an espresso machine. The cafe has a clean minimalist vibe with colorful red accents. There are a number of dining tables + a long community counter top at which to enjoy your breakfast / brunch.

The owner

We chose a couple of their unique biscuit sandwiches off the menu plus a bottle of Organic Orange Juice. Real friendly service from Mary & Freddie made our visit even more pleasant. We enjoyed our meals and the O.J tasted real fresh. Oh and a big thanks to Jonathan the owner for the nice rich latte he placed on our table. This was our last meal in Alabama before we hit the road to Atlanta, GA. Thanks guys !

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4133 White Oak Dr. Birmingham, AL 35243. Business website


(205) 578 2553

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Michael Burke

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