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Lots of fresh baked pastries and more !

Bacon & Eggs is not a popular breakfast option served in Italian cafes. My wife and I arrived in Rome late on Sunday, Sept 24th after a relaxing 4 day stay in beautiful Salerno. WE GOT LUCKY ! In fact our apartment was in Monti . . a stone’s throw from the Colosseum. EVEN BETTER ! On Sunday evening my wife looked up local cafes that serve an American Breakfast and La Licata came up trumps with bacon & eggs on their impressive menu.

Double Shot Cappuccino.

On Monday morning we were up and at ’em bright and early. We walked a short distance to the end of our cobblestone alley and arrived here about 7.45am. The cafe was already quite busy with Italians and tourists like us . . a very good sign. In typical Italian fashion they had a virtual smorgasbord of delectable pastries in their display cabinets plus some delicious looking panino sandwiches. FULL TABLE SERVICE ! We nabbed a table in a quiet corner and waited for a server to take our brekkie order. Some customers preferred to drink their coffees standing at the service counter. Within a short time a charming server named Elena came by to help us.

Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice.

We ordered 2 x Double Shot Cappuccinos, 2 x Scrambled Eggs & Bacon and 1 x Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice. We also asked for glasses of still water . . not sparkling. MENU ! The owners of this cafe knew a thing or two about how to attract American / English speaking tourists…their menu board at the entrance and table menus even had a special section titled AMERICANA / AMERICAN BREAKFAST. And many dishes on their menu were described in English & Italian. WHAM BAM ! Elena brought our double shot cappuccinos to us in a few short minutes. Not our typical American 12 oz cups . . probably about 8 oz but they sure tasted great.

Bacon & Eggs.

NEXT UP ! Elena brought out our bacon & eggs dishes . . first time we’ve had bacon & eggs on our vacation. And then my fresh squeezed orange juice arrived . . it tasted great. Our bacon & eggs tasted pretty good but we both had an issue with the typical super crunchy Italian toast. GREAT SERVICE ! I mentioned this to Elena and she returned within a couple of minutes with a plate of soft white toast. By the time we paid the bill at the cashier counter at 8.45am the cafe was overflowing inside and packed out on the sidewalk patio. We totally enjoyed our American style breakfast . . in fact this was our breakfast spot during our 4 days in Rome. TOP BREKKIE PLACE !

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Via dei Serpenti, 165, 00184 Roma RM, Italy


+39 06 488 4746

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