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It was very early on Tuesday, September 6th . . our last day in Denver, Colorado after enjoying a one week vacation. My wife and I had enjoyed a quiet relaxed Monday night in our Airbnb house in the RiNo neighborhood ( River North Art District ) after a fabulous dinner at an Indian restaurant close by. While walking back to our car we noticed this coffee shop right next door. At almost 8pm it was closed of course but we could see it looked interesting inside. LET’S DO IT !

First thing in the morning we arrived here just after 7.30am . . our Airbnb check-out was 10am so time was tight. We were hoping for good coffees and maybe some decent food. One could see that a lot of thought went into decorating this place. The owners ( mother / daughter team ) had succeeded in creating a retro breezy vibe and a fun space to relax. Their Ham & Cheese Croissants looked irresistible so we ordered 2 of those plus 2 x double shot Lattes 2% milk & hazelnut syrup.

I asked Tara the cashier whose coffee are you guys using ? And I got a great answer . . Novo Coffee which is a local roaster we know of. In fact while staying in the Highlands district at the beginning of our vacation we enjoyed fabulous lattes 3 days in a row at Novo Coffee. WE KNOW IT’S VERY GOOD ! I asked about the ham & cheese croissants . . the reply was from a very good local bakery. We never seem to have much luck with brought in food at places so we were hoping this would be an exception.

A cheerful barista named Jorge made our lattes in porcelain mugs which we had earlier chosen from their cup selection. In the day and age we all now live in particularly with what has transpired the last 2 years or so take-out coffee in paper cups has become the norm and dine-in is going the same way. IT’S A CHEAPER SHIP TO RUN ! Not for us . . we are coffee snobs and it must be in a porcelain cup or similar. Jorge brought our lattes to our little table and they tasted sensational.

A talented barista, a good espresso machine + great whole roasted coffee beans = amazing coffees ! In fact I enjoyed my rich creamy latte so much I ordered another one on the spot. . and it was even more delicious ! Our Ham & Cheese Croissants turned up . . looked great, tasted out of this world. BEST HAM & CHEESE CROISSANTS EVER ! Hard to beat a place that has great coffee, food and service. Any neighborhood would be proud to have a great coffee shop like this one !

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3460 Larimer St. Denver, CO 80205


(720) 833-1423

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