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Our view.

A business friend gave us a hot tip a few weeks ago that this Thai eatery was really great. HE WAS RIGHT ! We came, we ate and we were very impressed ! AND NOW WE’RE BACK ! My wife and I headed over here on Saturday to have lunch. It was surprisingly quiet when we walked inside around 12.20pm . . . it was packed the last time we were here. Im the super lovely cashier / server gave us the biggest smile ever when she saw us. We sat at a table inside this time with a view of the whole place.

Kapow with filet mignon.

Im looked after us immediately with menus and tall iced waters. On our first visit we tried a few appetizers and they were truly sensational. This time we wanted entree size meals . . . my wife ordered CASHEW CHICKEN ( stir fried marinated chicken, soy sauce, house sauce with cashew nut, dried chili, carrot ) . . low spicy and I wanted the KAPOW ( classic style stir fried with holy basil combination of chili, garlic, green beans, carrots and bell pepper ) + $3 Filet Mignon and medium spicy. VERY IMPRESSIVE ! On our first visit we were amazed how quickly we were seated and served our lunch . . all within 6 minutes despite the place being very busy. THEY DID IT AGAIN !

Cashew Chicken.

Before we knew it out came both our lunch dishes . . darn they look huge and delicious ! Oh and we asked Im our server for a Thai Iced Tea which came out within 2 minutes. My wife was over the moon enjoying her incredible Cashew Chicken . . . very tender white chicken and crisp scrumptious vegetables. HOLY COW ! I ordered my Kapow with filet mignon for $3 extra and believe me it was very juicy top quality filet mignon and lots of it. Im our ever so sweet server checked on us every now and then making sure we had everything we needed. BOXES ! We just couldn’t get through everything and boxed the rest for dinner that night.  ONE OF OUR BEST DINING EXPERIENCES EVER !

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92 Corporate Park H, Irvine, CA 92606


(949) 923-0499

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