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My breakfast

My wife found this place a couple of weeks ago on a review site when we were looking for somewhere new to have a nice breakfast. Last Sunday the stars aligned and we arrived here around 8.30am with my wife’s sister and our brother-in-law. To our surprise the restaurant was virtually filled to capacity. Luckily our wait was very short and we were shown to a large round table towards the rear of the place.


A young lady named Lily who turned out to be one of the most extraordinary servers ever looked after us impeccably the whole time. Despite the restaurant being packed to the rafters inside and on the patio we noticed hardly any noise in our little alcove. We kicked things off with 3 Hazelnut Lattes and a Chai Tea Latte. Lily brought us glasses of chilled water without our asking with our 2 fresh orange juices.


Apparently they use Virtuoso Coffee here which is a well known and highly regarded San Diego coffee bean roaster we have been dying to try. We ordered our breakfast dishes from the extensive and eclectic breakfast menu just as our brews were arriving. My creamy latte looked impressive and tasted oh so rich & satisfying ! This is a very good place to relax, not too noisy, soothing decor, plenty of natural light and unhurried service.


At the perfect moment our breakfast orders arrived all at once and my goodness they were all generous serves. My house braised Machaca with hard poached eggs, Angel Biscuit & Strawberry Basil Jam tasted like nothing else I had ever had, just sensational ! My wife has this thing about Carnitas for breakfast so her Carnitas & Scrambled Eggs made her very happy. We could see heaps of people waiting outside the front entrance for a vacant table.

Corn Beef Hash

My wife’s sister chose a Breakfast Biscuit Sandwich which came with a bowl of fresh fruit. Our brother-in-law loved his house roasted Corn Beef with Fried Eggs & multigrain toasted bread. These guys are definitely doing things better than most of the competition with amazing service, sensational meals, top quality coffee and a classy atmosphere. I told Grant the co-owner / manager that we all enjoyed ourselves immensely !

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6971 El Camino Real Ste 201 Carlsbad, CA 92009.


(760) 931 1362

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