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A few years back not long after we moved from Australia to California my wife had to travel to Chicago for a 3 day training seminar laid on by her employer. Of course I was going too ( at our expense ) so I could see Chicago for the first time ( my fav movie of all time is The Blues Brothers ). We both love pizza . . any type of well made pizza. So I looked up reviews on pizza restaurants before we flew into Chicago. Giordano’s hit all the right notes and sounded like a really cool upscale pizza chain.

I read these guys knocked our something called a stuffed deep dish pizza ( WTF ). It sounded like the mother of all pizzas and we had to try it. After my wife finished her training session one afternoon we headed to this location because it was within walking distance of our hotel. The restaurant was dimly lit when we entered but that added to the atmosphere I thought . . like a speakeasy. We sat a table and looked around for ideas about what size pizza to order.

A group of 4 diners at a nearby table were served a gigantic stuffed deep dish pizza on a stand that looked totally amazing. I asked our server about it and he said that was a 14 inch stuffed deep dish pizza and we would need no more than a 10 inch size. Ok bring it on I said and add some jalapeños on top. In the meantime I ordered a Mexican beer. After a while this 6 ft 6 in dude brought out our 10 inch stuffed deep dish pizza . . it was literally drooling cheese down the sides.

Lots of jalapeños were on top just like I ordered. We cut ourselves slices and OMG was it mouthsational. Even though it was only a 10 inch pizza . . it was at least 4 inches high. There must have been 2 lb of cheese in this baby ! We totally enjoyed what we could eat which was only half. No room for dessert ( WHAT ! ) and we boxed the remainder to give to my wife’s co-worker friend. We loved every second of our visit here. What an unforgettable Chicago experience !

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223 W Jackson Blvd. Chicago, Il 60606


(312) 583-9400

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