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My wife and I were up in Santa Monica recently for a weekend getaway to celebrate our wedding anniversary. We always stay at The Ambrose Hotel because of the great facilities which include a Tesla destination charger. After an incredible dinner at Fia Restaurant on Wilshire Blvd the previous night we decided to have a light breakfast on Saturday morning. Being big fans of Bluestone Lane ( owned by Aussie Nick Stone ) we arrived here a little after 9am. We even managed to find a free street parking spot around the corner. BONUS ! This location being a coffee shop does not look as flash as the Bluestone Lane Cafe in Venice Beach. We have been there and it was very good.

In fact this was our 5th Bluestone Lane location after discovering these guys in Manhattan, New York during a 10 day vacation last year. You would not believe how hard it is to find a coffee shop which serves top quality coffee drinks and prepares fresh food. This place has a small covered patio with some bench seating out front plus some tables on the sidewalk patio with very limited seating inside.

It was a tad busy when we walked inside however we could feel a nice upbeat vibe. I grabbed a 12 oz bag of Bluestone Lane “MAVERICK” whole roasted coffee beans from a shelf near the front door. We could have gone to our iPhones and ordered our BREKKIE on their app but the female cashier said she could take our order. HELPFUL ! We ordered 2 x 12 oz Lattes ( 2 shots is standard ) with 2% milk and 2 x SUNSHINE BURRITOS ( Scrambled eggs, dill mayo, bacon, avocado, feta and fresh spinach ) from their healthy ALL DAY MENU. They would let us know when everything was ready. We grabbed a couple of plastic cups of water and found a spot to sit on the patio.

This coffee shop is very close to Santa Monica Beach and hence it is a very touristy strip. Our lattes were ready first and my pics tell the story . . rich & creamy. They tasted bloody great even in paper cups ! Our Sunshine Burritos followed soon after and wow did they look yummy ! We both agreed they were the BEST BREAKFAST BURRITOS we have enjoyed . . all the ingredients tasted as fresh as can be. Our rich & creamy lattes were good to the last drop. We thought the coffees, food and friendly on point service here were as good as anywhere. In fact I told Emily the manager ( of 2 locations ) that this location was as good as the 3 Bluestone Lane locations we tried in New York last year. THIS PLACE ROCKS !

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631 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90401


(718)b 374-6858

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