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Vincenzo making our Omelettes.

My wife and I spent the first few days of our 2 week Italian vacation in wonderful Salerno. And it wasn’t our first choice when we were planning our vacation in Italy and France. In fact we were enamored with picturesque Amalfi but our travel agent advised us against that idea suggesting we would find Amalfi a way too busy tourist mecca. Salerno would be quieter, more relaxing and not far way. AND IT WAS SO ! On Friday, Sept 22nd we picked up our rental eBikes at 9am to ride the 18 miles to Amalfi.

Ciro making our Cappuccinos.

BUT FIRST ! We rode our bikes a short distance to this cafe ( our 2nd visit ) for another hearty breakfast . . . fuel for our bike ride. This cafe was perfect for us because we could get great coffees and expertly cooked omelettes. When we first arrived in Salerno we looked at a few cafes or espresso bars and though they all probably served great coffees the food on offer was pastries, pastries and more pastries. NOT OUR THING ! Even though Caffe dell’Arechi offered a large pastry selection they also could prepare a fresh cooked breakfast. We parked our eBikes near the front entrance, activated the onboard locks and headed inside around 9.30am. Vincenzo the friendly chef / server and Ciro the barista greeted us like old friends.

Double Shot Cappuccino.

We headed to the cosy dining room out the back to have our breakfast. Vincenzo came by straight off to take our order . . 2 x Double Shot Cappuccinos, 2 x Ham & Cheese Omelettes, 1 x Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice and a bowl of Fresh Fruit. My wife was starving and asked for a Custard Filled Pastry upfront. We sat at our table and watched Vincenzo do his thing in the kitchen cutting up the fruit and making the fresh squeezed orange juice which he delivered to our table.

Our Ham & Cheese Omelettes.

The incredible looking fresh fruit was presented on a platter. Then Vincenzo was back at it preparing and cooking our Ham & Cheese Omelettes. AS GOOD AS IT GETS ! Ciro the talented barista personally delivered our double shot cappuccinos to our table . . . they tasted very invigorating ! My freshly squeezed orange juice tasted as fresh as can be and the freshly cut up fruit platter tasted amazing . . juicy peaches as good as you can imagine. Our delicate Ham & Cheese Omelettes tasted exquisite ! This cafe proved to be the closest thing we could find during our 2 week vacation in Italy that served something close to an American style breakfast. FABULOUS SERVICE !

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Corso Vittorio Emanuele, 229, 84122 Salerno SA, Italy




+39 089 227087

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