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Imagine a scenic space in the middle of an enchanted forest where you can enjoy fabulous food, fine wines & incredible desserts with superstar service. IT’S RIGHT HERE ! My wife and I grabbed a weekend getaway at a very nice hotel in Marine Del Rey. After much research looking at the numerous fine eateries in Venice and Santa Monica we followed the advice of a friend ( on social media ) who is a long time local resident . . .”I’ve heard good things about Fia Restaurant”.

I somehow managed to reserve a table at this MICHELIN RATED restaurant at 5.45pm on Friday. Not knowing the area we took a Lyft here and arrived shortly before 5.30pm. It was then that I spotted a valet attendant in their large carpark beside the building ( good info for next time ). We walked along a narrow well lit passageway which suddenly opened into my vision of Shangri-La. A lovely hostess named Trinity greeted me.

I gave her my name and then exited stage left to the restroom. On my way back I stopped to admire another beautifully themed area near the indoor dining room. A well dressed guy named Cal Clarke ( the GM ) said hi and told me it’s called Fia Steak ( quite new ). IT LOOKED PRETTY SPIFFY ! When I returned to the beautiful open space I could see my wife comfortably seated at our table. Things were a bit dim but with the subtle accent lighting sprinkled at strategic points that just added to the charm factor. It was like being INSIDE LOOKING OUT ! Congrats to Michael Greco the stylish owner and his design team. Within a couple of minutes a charming food runner named Sam brought us small appetizers of TORTELLINI.

 It was totally delicious ( kudos to superstar Chef Brendan Collins ). And then Chris the Sommelier brought us tall elegant glasses of fine white wine . . so lovely ! Laura our amazing server greeted us ever so friendly . . . we truly value friendly service. We organized some water for my wife and a nice IPA for myself. There was a warming overhead heater close by our table and that kept my wife happy. A tall chilled glass and an ice cold 16 oz can of Boomtown Brewery “Limelight” IPA came out quickly.

I was not familiar with this brewery but my beer tasted fine. Our server Laura came back to take our dinner order . . .1 x SALT & PEPPER CALAMARI ( Aioli Nero, Blistered Shishitos, Lime ) Starter, 1 x LOBSTER CAPPELLINI ( Basil, San Marzano Tomato ) Handmade Pasta and 1 x SEAFOOD RISOTTO ( Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops, Octopus ) Entree. The restaurant was filling up very quickly given how early we had arrived . . quite a lively atmosphere with lots off happy chatter and background music.

My Salt & Pepper Calamari Starter came out and certainly looked different . . blackened but it tasted good. Almost everything on the menu is done with a twist and one has to be open to these things. Our entrees arrived together and looked astounding. My wife was beyond happy with her Lobster Capellini and I thought my Seafood Risotto tasted outstanding. The first thing we looked at ( when we did our research ) was the dessert menu and the Chocolate Dome had my wife’s full attention. When Laura our server returned we ordered a CHOCOLATE DOME ( Caramelized Dark Chocolate Mousse, Coffee Cream, Almond Praline, Cocoa Biscuit ) and a MANGO CHEESECAKE ( Goat Cheese, Mango Sorbet, Sesame Crumble ).

Our desserts arrived pretty much together but Sam the wonderful food runner had a show to put on  . . by igniting the incredible looking Chocolate Dome sitting in front of my wife. IT WAS VERY SPECTACULAR and my wife loved every moment. Needless to say my wife enjoyed her decadent Chocolate Dome . . very rich indeed ! My Mango Cheesecake tasted quite nice. When my wife and I go out for dinner we want to have a memorable experience. WE CAN’T WAIT TO RETURN !

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2454 Wilshire Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90403


(424) 280-4196

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