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Some live music venues are way too big and some are too small but Humphreys By The Bay is perfect. My wife and I are huge Stray Cats fans so when they got back together recently we headed up to Costa Mesa to see them but even after jumping online early we still ended with seats too far back. It just wasn’t as much fun as being up close and personal. Thank goodness Humphreys offered a concert / dinner / resort room package. We scored great seats in the 4th row center stage !

After checking into Humphreys Half Moon Inn we wandered over to Humphreys Back Stage to chill out for a while. I enjoyed a couple of ice cold beers while we watched the US Open Tennis on the big screen TV. Bartenders Nicolas and James looked after us like royalty. Eventually we cruised back to our hotel room to change into our party gear and head off to our pre-paid dinner at Humphreys Restaurant. We had a great time . . really good food, top service and a lovely view of the yacht marina.

After a bit of a freshen up back at our resort room we made our way to our 4th row seats for the Stray Cats concert around 7.30pm. The opening act Buzz Campbell and his boys put on a great show that got the crowd pretty amped up. Before we knew it the Stray Cats hit the stage at 8.30pm and proceeded to put in a sensational performance. We ditched our great seats and headed to the mosh pit for the duration of their concert. Gee it doesn’t get much better than this !

After enjoying a nice dinner here the evening before as part of our Stray Cats Concert seats / dinner / hotel room package we decided that breakfast here would suit our needs before checking out. My wife and I entered the restaurant around 8am and a hostess showed us to a table with a nice view of the yacht marina. A very charming server named Cheree looked after us nicely during our breakfast stay. We kicked things off as usual with a couple of Lattes and glasses of water.

Our creamy Lattes in tall elegant glasses arrived in next to no time probably because it was a little quiet at this early hour. For our breakfast dishes my wife chose the American Breakfast ( Scrambled Eggs / Hash Browns / Bacon & Toast ) while I selected Eggs Benedict ( hard Poached Eggs / English Muffin / Hollandaise Sauce / Canadian Bacon & Hash Browns ) plus a glass of Orange Juice ( not fresh squeezed ) and a Fruit Bowl to share. Our Italian blend Lattes tasted surprisingly good !

Scoring well made good tasting lattes in a hotel restaurant is a rarity let me tell you. Our breakout dishes arrived together in just a few minutes and looked very nicely plated. My wife was quite impressed with the quality and taste of her American Breakfast while my Eggs Benedict tasted perfect. The Hash Browns were as good as it gets. My Orange Juice though not freshly squeezed still tasted very good with no preservative taste. Our shared Fruit Bowl tasted very fresh.

There were quite a few latecomers here by the time we were ready to leave probably worn out by the sensational Stray Cats performance the previous night. And the Stray Cats would be putting on a 2nd show tonight. After paying the bill we thanked Cheree for her very kind & efficient service. We took the internal scenic route back to our hotel room so we could walk past the Humphreys by the Bay concert area. We spotted a huge Koi Pond with 2 beautiful Macaws on an overhead wire. What a great time !

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2241 Shelter Island Dr. San Diego, CA 92106


(619) 224-3577

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