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We rate great service above everything else and if we don’t get it . . we don’t come back ! My wife and I were heading to Santa Monica ( 152 miles from Solana Beach ) for a weekend getaway on Friday and needed a planned lunch stop on the way. Last year when I renewed my Australian passport at the Australian Consulate-General in L.A my wife jumped online and found a Lokal Sandwich Shop on National Blvd close by for our lunch break which worked out great !

The sandwiches, drinks and service were excellent at that location and we expected the same here. Considering we were heading towards L.A on a busy Friday we made great time. We parked in the private carpark and walked in about 12.30pm. It was bright and cheery inside just like the other location we visited. A sweet young lady named Emily greeted us straight off. First up we both had to hit the restrooms after our non-stop drive from Solana Beach.

NO PROB ! And then we sat at a table ready to select our lunch order. At the service counter we ordered 1 x ICED LATTE, 1 x THAI ICED TEA, 1 X BBQ PORK BANH MI ( cucumber, jalapeño, mayo, housed pickled daikon & carrots, cilantro on a baguette ) and 1 X THE CUBANO ( Ham, shredded pork, pickled cucumber, swiss cheese, mayo, dijon mustard on toasted rustic sourdough ). BONUS BONUS BONUS . . when I checked in on YELP I got an offer for 20% off our first visit.I TOOK IT ! So far so good…very friendly service from Emily the cashier and WE LIKED THE VIBE . . an intangible thing that you feel. Our iced drinks were ready in next to no time and tasted very refreshing.

I haven’t savored a BBQ Pork Banh Mi since last year ( at a Lokal Sandwich Shop ) and this one did not disappoint . . hitting all the right fresh and healthy notes. My wife went nuts over The Cubano…quite a large fully loaded sandwich. It wasn’t real busy at that time of day so we took our time enjoying our delicious lunch. I noticed that they had craft beer on tap…I didn’t see that at the location we visited last year. I asked Vanessa behind the counter . . why is this location called Lokal Sandwich + Burger Bar instead off Lokal sandwich Shop ? And Vanessa replied…because this location sells beer. OK ! We really enjoyed everything we ordered here and had a relaxing break from driving. HIGHLY RECOMMEND !

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701 Lincoln Blvd. Venice, CA 90291


(310) 310-3001

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