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The savory pies here taste so good they remind me of the excellent pies I used to enjoy back home in Australia. These guys have taken it to a new level by adding unique flavorsome fillings. Today I tried the new Aussie Meat Pie ( contains Aussie Vegemite ) for the first time and my wife went for the Mushroom Ricotta Pizza Pot Pie. As usual they were pretty busy too. It was great to run into Aaron & Steven behind the counter again. The friendly service here is always spot on !


It’s a nice relaxing space with plenty of open widows to look out while you’re munching on your pie. We have had delicious lattes here on occasions and there is also a pretty decent selection of craft beers on tap. They also have a good selection of sweet pies. As I said to the guys if they had a bunch of these babies frozen we would have taken a heap home with us for later on. My wife and I sat at the bench counter facing out to Park Blvd and thoroughly enjoyed our lovely pies !

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4404 Park Blvd. Ste A. University Heights, San Diego, CA 92116


(619) 501 4440

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Michael Burke

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