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House Cured Coppa.

Yes it’s service service service . . . if the service is no good we never come back ! In fact these days we have come to expect average service at most places as the norm . . you know how it is. Slow service, unsmiling service, it will do service, better than nothing service, we’re doing you a favor service and just plain lousy service. NOT HERE ! My wife and I are so happy we discovered this gem of an eatery a few weeks ago. IT’S ALL GOOD ! In fact one day we wanted to buy some of their HOUSE CURED COPPA but they had run out. I contacted Andrew the incredible GM and said he would have some ready by the Monday. We rode our eBikes over to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve and on the way home called in here.

House Made Pork Tamales and more !

WOW ! Not only was our fabulous Coppa ready to pick up but I got to meet Mario the outstanding owner. GREAT GUY ! The very first time we had lunch here about a month ago I looked around at all their amazing products incl house made sausages and PORK TAMALES. Now I know for a fact that my wife loves pork tamales and I told her for future reference. GOOD ONES ARE HARD TO FIND ! Many years ago my wife bought a couple of tamales in a supermarket and out of curiosity I tried one . . pretty lousy I thought. So while waiting for our House Cured Coppa to be expertly sliced and packaged up by Andrew I said to Mario . . gee whizz all the Pork Tamales are gone.

House made sausages and more !

They looked pretty good and my wife loves Pork Tamales. Now Mario explained that his talented Mom usually makes them in the period from Nov to Feb. BUGGER ! Then Mario said . . I’m gonna phone Mom now and get her to make some more. YOU’RE KIDDIN’ ! My wife was ecstatic. Mario said they would be ready within a couple of weeks which suited us fine as we had a busy schedule coming up.

Rib Sandwich.

Gee Andrew even gave us an ice pack to keep our Coppa cold on our bike ride home. THAT’S SERVICE ! On April 1st I phoned Andre and he said was steaming the Pork Tamales and they would be ready on Sunday. YEAH BABY ! We took off on our usual bike ride to the Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve at 10am and landed here for lunch just after midday. GREAT FOOD ! Everything we have ordered here for lunch to date has been outstanding . . beyond our expectations.

Thai Chili Sausages.

I rocked inside and said hi to the ever cheery GM Andrew . . this guy would brighten anyone’s day. WHAT’S NEW ! Andrew said the RIB SANDWICH ( smoked baby back ribs, mayo, pickles, onions, bbq sauce on a roll ) was killer good . . my wife had her eyes on the PULLED PORK ( I loved it the first time we had lunch here ). I convinced my wife that the Rib Sandwich ( de-boned as Andrew said ) and a side of their house-cut French Fries would be enough for us. In the meantime my wife nailed a 6 pack of Pork Tamales ( they had heaps ) and I ordered 4 x Thai Chili Sausages ( house made of course and Andrew said they taste fabulous ). Meanwhile the place was getting slammed in the lunchtime rush !


As usual we paid for everything upfront and Andrew said he would bring our lunch order out to our table on the patio . . . while storing our Pork Tamales and Thai Chili Sausages in his fridge for us. Our Rib Sandwich was expertly wrapped and cut into equal portions and tasted as tender and juicy as tender and juicy can be. We savored every single bite. WE LOVED THE HAND CUT FRIES ! Everything tasted top quality. GREAT LUNCH !

Andrew the GM looking after a customer !

We picked up our Pork Tamales and Thai Chile Sausages from Andrew inside, thanked him and left for home. And guess what we were having for dinner on Sunday night. PORK TAMALES ! And my wife had made Chili Con Carne early that morning . . the perfect accompaniment to Pork Tamales. Except these weren’t your everyday run of the mill pork tamales. My wife proclaimed . . BEST PORK TAMALES EVER ! And I had to agree. Tonight it is my turn . . BANGERS & MASH featuring Mario’s Thai Chili Sausages. ENJOY THE BEST !

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1000 Bristol St N. Newport Beach, CA 92660


(949} 316-4318

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