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My wife and I were visiting Portland for a few days and were lucky to have the time to have dinner with our good friend the well known Portland musician Billy Desmond at his favorite local eatery. Lovely Hostess Wan showed my wife and I to a booth table with a window view soon after we arrived. I kicked things off with a local Breakside IPA and a Rock & Rolls appetizer. We ordered Thai Yellow Curry with Salmon & Brown Rice for our friend Billy as requested earlier and we were buying.


My wife ordered Lemongrass Chicken & White Rice and I ordered Thai Green Curry with Pork & White Rice. Our meals came out very quickly and looked really good. I thought my Green Curry number 5 spicy tasted fabulous and my wife thought the Chicken in her dish was so tender & juicy. Billy enjoyed every bit of his Yellow Curry which was obviously his favorite. The Hostess Wan was kind enough to take our photo with Billy on this very special occasion.

My Green Curry

It was great to hang out with our musician friend Billy who was performing with his band Billy D & The Hoodoos the next night at Catfish Lou’s and we were going to be there. The restaurant has a nice laid back vibe and the staff make it even better. We could see by the full capacity dinner crowd that this restaurant was very popular in the local neighborhood. We thought Tom Yum Thai Cuisine delivered on excellent food, friendly service and relaxing ambience !

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4309 SE Woodstock Blvd. Ste 140 Portland, OR 97206 Woodstock, Southeast Portland


(503) 788 0990

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