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My wife and I have eaten here a number of times and it ticks all the boxes. We brought our little 4-year-old grand-daughter here for lunch on Sunday because we know this is a great place for the family. And I remembered that they let the young kids make their own pizza. Within 60 seconds of us walking in around midday our little girl was up on a bar stool kneading a ball of pizza dough on a plate thanks to Brendon the Head Chef & Manager.

Monique pizza

Our grand-daughter absolutely loved it and then Brendon helped her pick her favorite toppings such as pizza sauce, sliced black olives and grated mozzarella just the way the little girl likes it ! Of course we needed to eat too so after all that excitement we found a table and soon after a lovely server named Nikki came by to take our order. We decided on Bruschetta for an appetizer followed by a Monique 14 inch thin crust pizza.

Lava cake

While our grand-daughter was stuffing down her self-made pizza and drinking Apple Juice we were making short work of the fabulous Bruschetta with the fattest juiciest reddest tastiest Tomatoes you’ve ever seen. Then out came our awesome looking Monique 14 inch New York style thin crust pizza with more of those fattest juiciest reddest tastiest Tomatoes + fresh Basil thrown on top. The pizza was really flavorsome with quality ingredients and the perfect cooked base. We chose a serve of Chocolate Lava Cake & Vanilla Bean Ice Cream for dessert which my wife and grand-daughter demolished. This is a top quality restaurant to bring your friends or family to be spoiled !

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124 S Solana Hills Dr. Solana Beach, CA 92075


(858) 356 9925

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Michael Burke

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