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After our astounding private guided tour of the Pompeii Archaeological Park we had time for lunch before the long drive to our next vacation spot . . Rome. Our limo driver Eugenio brought us here . . . the best restaurant in Pompeii. My wife and I headed inside around midday and the place was pretty busy. THE WORD WAS OUT ! The top restaurant reviewer in America was in the house. WHATTA GREAT GUY ! Eugenio introduced me to Mario the affable owner who gave me a big friendly hug.


We were seated immediately at a table with a commanding view of the entire restaurant. An absolutely sweet server named Elena looked after us perfectly during our lunch visit. BEER ! First up I was craving for an ice cold beer after all that walking around the Pompeii site . . a Tennent’s Super Strong Lager – 9% abv was just what I needed. IT’S A GREAT BEER ! For lunch we ordered the CAPRESE ( tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil, oregano ). My ice cold beer in an elegant stem glass tasted fabulous. WHOO HOO ! Our absolutely incredible looking Caprese hit the table . . it tasted mouthsational ! I kept hearing calls of NUMBER ONE IN AMERICA ! There must be someone famous here.

Complimentary Artisan Bread.

AND THERE’S MORE ! A complimentary serve of fresh baked Artisan Breads incl Focaccia arrived next followed by a serve of delicious Meatballs. WHOO HOO ! Everything was sooooo delicious. NICE TOUCH ! Elena brought us 2 glasses of tangy Limoncello to cleanse our palates. VERY COOL ! Mario the colorful owner showed me some history of his family’s ownership of Hortus Pompei. We totally loved our lunch experience here. WHEN YOU VISIT POMPEII THIS IS THE PLACE TO EAT !

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Via Villa dei Misteri - Piazza Porta Marina Superiore 1, Piazza Esedra, 1, 80045 Pompei NA, Italy


+39 081 536 4566

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