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Room view

My wife and I have been wanting to come to this iconic comedy club for years since we moved here from Australia over 10 years ago. It took our brother-in-law wanting to celebrate his birthday here for us to finally make it happen. After our brother-in-law parked the car in the valet car lot on the roof we arrived at the front door about 6pm and our pre-booked tickets were waiting for us. Our group of 4 snaffled a terrific table right near the stage so we had a real good view of the comedy stars.


Our lovely server Amanda looked after us extremely well all evening. My 3 IPA beers….all different varieties tasted spot on. Our Shrimp Starters were very satisfying and our desserts tasted delicious. The comedy stars kept rolling out one straight after another from about 8pm and we just couldn’t stop laughing until it all ended about 9pm. I was lucky that a friendly staff member named Mike took me on a private tour of the other comedy room on the corner.

Room on the corner

This extra room is used when the main room is exceptionally busy…like tonight probably. It had an old school vaudevillian feel and was very cosy. I met the other 2 Mikes…..( Mike’s co-workers ) in there and we had a nice chat. This club is like the Holy Grail of Comedy to me knowing that our brother-in-law and his wife have been here many times to see Jay Leno and other fabulous comics. If you want a good laugh in nice surroundings then this is the place !

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1018 Hermosa Ave. Hermosa Beach, CA 90254


(310) 372 1193

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Michael Burke

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