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My wife and I ventured here for dinner last Friday evening for the first time. We arrived soon after 5.30pm and found a parking spot in the rear carpark. To our surprise the restaurant was packed to the rafters at such an early hour but we got lucky however and scored a table for 2 beside the huge front window. A server brought waters to our table within a couple of minutes even though they were terribly busy.


Soon after a bowl of complimentary fresh bread & dipping sauce was delivered to our table. Our only previous visit here was for lunch last 4th of July for my birthday. The food and service was simply outstanding at that time. And much to our utter happiness the very same incredible server on that day . . Omar was now standing right in front of us. I kicked things off with a Sculpin IPA and Omar suggested some Calamari & Zucchini Fritti for starters.

My meal

The dinner menu here is so vast that the choices are almost mind boggling. My wife decided on a serve of Bandiera Italiana . . a trifecta of Gnocchi, Cheese Ravioli & Meat Cannelloni while I went for the fully loaded Lasagna di Mare . . Shrimp, Salmon, White Seabass & Crab Meat topped with Tiger Shrimp. We couldn’t get over how many diners were here . . our front dining room was filled to capacity and the back bar area was almost standing room only.


This must be one of the most popular restaurants in Cardiff. We could hear live music coming from the bar area. Our meals arrived quicker than we expected as I was still working my way through the Fried Calamari. Both our huge dishes looked spectacular and a minute later a server came by to grate fresh parmigiana on top. My Lasagna was a very rich variety and very very filling. My wife was loving her Bandiera Italiana Pasta Sampler dish and before long we had to stop for a breather.

Both desserts

Our wonderful server Omar reappeared and we were ready to order desserts and decaf cappuccinos. My wife chose the Chocolate Lava Cake while I couldn’t resist the Gelato. Within a very short time our desserts and coffees were whisked to our table. They use Lavazza coffee beans here and our decaf cappuccinos tasted great. Our lovely desserts were as good as can be. I must mention that Massimo the friendly restaurant manager came to check on us a couple of times during our dinner . . lovely man ! We paid the bill and said our goodbyes to our talented server Omar & Massimo the manager. This place is a top quality Italian restaurant and we love it !

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1933 San Elijo Ave. Cardiff, CA 92007


(760) 634 2335

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