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This place is nothing but great memories ! My wife brought me here a few weeks after we moved to the USA in December, 2006. Being an Aussie who wouldn’t know good Mexican food from a bar of soap ( Mexican food is not so good in Australia unless you dig Taco Bell maybe ) I found the food at Jorge’s to be incredibly delicious. The very first time I had something called a Chimichanga ( a fried burrito ) . . I think I liked the name so I figured it must be good. And it was like a slice of heaven !

We moved away from Solana Beach soon after and sadly away from Jorge’s. You see they are just a little hole in the wall place ( my wife always tells me those are the best Mexican places ) and over the next few years we tried various Mexican dine in restaurants. Some were chain restaurants like On the Border ( Mexican Grill & Cantina ) which I found to be a large bar with pretend Mexican food and other places with too much pomp & ceremony for something simple like Mexican food.

Jorge’s is not fancy but it is genuine . . mainly known for it’s amazing Chicken Soup ( or Spicy ), Carnitas Soft Tacos, Adobada Burritos and of course it’s world’s best Chimichanga. We have not been near here in way too long because of the covid lockdown and uncertainty about how they were operating even though we live 10 minutes away in Solana Beach. We had been talking for weeks that wanted some nice Mexican food for lunch ( from Jorge’s ) and today we took the plunge. We arrived here around midday and could see there was nowhere to sit because of covid rules so we had to think portable food. I really wanted to order a Chimichanga but I really need a table to sit at to get stuck into that monster.

So my fallback was an Adobada Burrito ( Marinated & Shredded Pork Seasoned With Red Chile ) . . it’s a real throat number ! My wife was happy with her fav . . 2 x Carnitas Soft Tacos. They give you a receipt with a number they will call out when your order is ready. The cashier guy asked me if I wanted salsa, cutlery and napkins….too easy. We walked outside and found a garden ledge to sit on and enjoy our lovely lunch. My Adobada Burrito tasted sensational . . especially when I kept drizzling their spicy salsa on it after every bite. The BEST Burrito I have enjoyed by far since the last Burrito I bought here. My wife totally loved her tender Carnitas Soft Tacos. It’s all about the experience to us and we thought it was great !

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267 N El Camino Real Ste E. Encinitas, CA 92024




(760) 942 6809

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