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My wife and I were up in L.A on a Wednesday to take care of some personal business. We decided to chill out with an overnight stay at the Marina del Rey Marriott near Venice Beach. On Thursday morning we were up early comparing reviews of good breakfast spots and Blue Daisy on Broadway in Santa Monica was our agreed choice. Rather than check out of our hotel early we decided to drive over here ( 4 miles ) just before 8am and then scoot back to our room to brush our teeth etc. Sometimes things work out perfectly and we scored a shaded metered parking spot right in front of the cafe. A friendly male staff member asked if we wanted to sit inside or on the sunny outdoor patio. We chose the patio !

Within seconds of getting comfortable a friendly food runner named Jorge brought us tall glasses of cool water. We scanned the QR CODE menu with our iPhones and looked for what appealed to us. Before long a server named Marcelo ( also the manager & barista we found out later ) came by to take our breakfast order . . 2 x DOUBLE SHOT LATTES ( Marcelo said their lattes are usually one shot ) ), 1 x FRESH SQUEEZED ORANGE JUICE for me ( most places tell you it is fresh squeezed but usually it’s not ), 1 x 3 EGGS WITH SIDE OF BACON for my wife who asked for scrambled eggs ( zucchini hash, plain crepe with jam ). I was totally intrigued by the original breakfast / brunch menu and decided to try something new to me.

So I ordered 1 x ZUCCHINI HASH & POACHED EGGS ( I asked Marcelo to make sure the eggs were hard poached ). My Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice came out first and it certainly had the sweet smell of fresh squeezed orange juice. When I asked Marcelo he flexed his right bicep and said you bet it’s fresh squeezed ! Of course it tasted perfectly delicious. And then to our amazement our 2 double shot lattes made their grand entrance. WHAT CAN I SAY . . art nouveau style FLAMINGO PINK sculptured cups & saucers with resting spoons. AND TASTE . . OMG probably the most incredible lattes we have enjoyed in ages . I asked Marcelo about the coffee they use and he said it is Blackwelder Coffee Roasters from Van Nuys, CA.

The cafe was filling up very quickly and we just knew it was going to be a great experience. Our breakfast dishes arrived together and looked totally scrumptious. My wife LOVES scrambled eggs whereas I lean towards hard poached eggs most of the time. ZUCCHINI HASH on both of our plates . . what an amazing flavor hit ! My hard poached eggs were exactly that and they tasted sensational with the sauce provided. My wife loved everything on her plate incl her crispy bacon and the delicate crepe. And we were hoping our rich amazing lattes didn’t run out . . such rich flavorsome coffee must be savored to the very last drop ! Breakfast is a big deal to us and Blue Daisy is up there with the ABSOLUTE BEST. Thank you so much !

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609 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA 90401


(310) 395- 9777

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