My Cerveza Hatuey Cuban Style Beer

After a very hectic day on Friday we decided a big chill out was in order for dinner. I made an online reservation for 6pm at Habana. My wife and I arrived a tad late thanks to a car accident in front ( I phoned the restaurant of course ). When we arrived a hostess showed us to a nice table in a side dining room. THE RESTAURANT WAS PACKED OUT ! I made a point of catching up with Rey the restaurant GM at the host desk. Rey was very happy to see me again. In fact he dropped by our table to say hi to my wife.

Gambas Al Ajillo Appetizer

HOW COOL ! Rey told us a story about his brand new Mercedes getting a flat tire. A cheery server named Ruby came by to look after us. NO COMPLIMENTARY BREAD we were told . . gee no one does that anymore ! I WANTED BREAD so we ordered a serve of grilled artisan bread. We asked for glasses of water and I decided to grab a Cuban beer. When Ruby returned we ordered 1 x GAMBAS AL AJILLO Appetizer ( sautéed shrimp in white wine, garlic, paprika chili oil, grilled bread ), 1 x CORN ON THE COB ( Chile lime butter, cotija cheese ) and 1 x RUM PEPPER SHRIMP Entree ( Pan roasted shrimp, Jamaican rum-pepper cream sauce, red and green peppers, mango and jicama salad, buttered white rice ).

Rum Pepper Shrimp

My ice cold Cerveza Hatuey Cuban Style Ale arrived and tasted fine. Our order of artisan bread came out and was very delicious. Before we knew it our dinner order hit the table and looked spectacular. WOW ! My huge serve of Rum Pepper Shrimp tasted totally awesome . . it had a nice kick in the tail ! My wife was more than happy with her Gambas Al Ajillo appetizer . . it was a big serve. The Corn on the Cob tasted fabulous. We swapped shrimp . . both were great !

El Pastelito

DESSERT DESSERT DESSERT ! We knew they had this incredible dessert we wanted . . EL PASTELITO ( A decadent chocolate cake with golden candied wild cherries, served on a cake stand ) so we ordered it. OMG . . we saw Ruby our happy server approaching our table with a cake which had a roman candle burning in the center. WHAT A SPECTACLE ! And was it totally delicious . . you betcha. We took half home for later. Ruby came back to check on our satisfaction with dinner and we told her we were more than happy with everything. The lively atmosphere, the incredible food and the friendly service were spot on. These guys know how to lay on a good time. We had an incredible evening !

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708 Spectrum Center Dr. Suite 708, Irvine, CA 92618


(949) 419-0100

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